BC Frozen Foods is a full line manufacturer of frozen fruits and vegetables. Their plant is Federally Inspected and Kosher Certified. They pack to Good Manufacturing Practices and have the HACCP principles in place. All products are packed to meet or exceed their grading requirements as defined by Agriculture Canada`s Processed Product Regulations. The plant is currently processing and packing the following products:

Frozen Rhubarb Cut I.Q.F.
Frozen Strawberries Sliced 4 + 1
Frozen Strawberries Puree Stock
Frozen Strawberries Juice Stock
Frozen Raspberries I.Q.F.
Frozen Raspberries St. Pack
Frozen Raspberries Puree Stock
Frozen Raspberries Juice Stock
Frozen Blueberries Cultivated
Frozen Broccoli Cut I.Q.F.
Frozen Cauliflower Cut I.Q.F.
Frozen Brussel Sprouts I.Q.F.
   They have both an Industrial Program as well as a Foodservice Program in place. Listed below are some of the Foodservice products they supply:
Frozen Beans Cut green I.Q.F.
Frozen Blueberries Cultivated
Frozen Broccoli Chopped I.Q.F.
Frozen Broccoli Spears I.Q.F.
Frozen Carrots Diced I.Q.F.
Frozen Carrots Sliced I.Q.F.
Frozen Carrots Shredded I.Q.F.
Frozen Cauliflower Cuts I.Q.F.
Frozen Corn Whole Kernel (cut) I.Q.F.
Frozen Cranberries Whole I.Q.F.
Frozen Mixed Vegetables 4-way Mix (peas, diced carrots, corn, beans)
Frozen Peas I.Q.F.
Frozen Peas & Diced Carrots I.Q.F.
Frozen Raspberries I.Q.F.
Frozen Rhubarb Cut 1/2"I.Q.F.
Frozen Spinach Chopped
Frozen spinach Whole Leaf
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